“the format of my shoot”

i am flexible with the venue, i can come to your house or i am more than happy for you to come to me. alternatively, i can suggest locations or even a special place chosen by you.

the shoot will last approximately 1-1.5 hours, this will depend on each individual child. feed and sleep times are always taken into consideration as i am fully aware no two children are ever alike. 

when the child is happy i will be ready to start. 

it is my ultimate aim to capture the child’s individuality and character and when i feel this has been achieved the shoot will finish. 

all prices are based on no more than two children in any one sitting, alternatives from this will be priced accordingly.


photographic session.                                                    £ contact us


standard sizes:-

6’x4’                                                                                     17.50

5’x7’                                                                                     17.50

8’x6’                                                                                     27.50

10’x8’                                                                                   40.00 

12’x10’                                                                                 65.00

12’x16’                                                                               105.00

A4                                                                                         65.00

A3                                                                                         85.00

A3+                                                                                       95.00


(larger prints available on request)


canvas prints:-

40cmx30cm(16’x12’)                                                           170.00

40cmx40cm(16’x16’)                                                           185.00

60cmx40cm(23.5’x16)                                                          220.00


(other sizes available on request)


gift pack   (includes session & 2 6x4 prints)                         100.00


key rings, calendars, mugs etc all available on request.

hard back coffee table books available eg day in the life of....

bespoke framing available. please ask for details.